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 TW-Line Heat Exchangers

Salt Water Pool Heat Exchangers
Shell and Coil Heat Exchangers are made with pure Titanium,
the innovative distinct TeeW Line design is a fusion of functionality
and cutting edge thermal technology. The unique geometry of the
Tee Line optimizes flow turbulence and increases the heat transfer
coecient, and along with its versatile assembly, provides the perfect
solution for your diverse application.
-Pools, spas, hot tubs
 -In floor heating
 -Driveway snowmelt
 -Marine/saltwater application
Standard Materials:
Titanium coils
Titanium Shell

Maximum Working Pressure:
Up to 232 PSI (16 bar) in Tubes
Up to 232 PSI (16 bar) in Shell
Maximum Working Temperature:
Up to 194 °F (120°C) Tube Side
Up to 194 °F (60°C) Shell Side



   Nominal values are based on 60°C(40°F) temp. diff. between incoming heating and heated water